data scrub

Advance Services

Tired of spending the big bucks for in person technical service? Tired of hearing your vendor say … Sorry, we cannot do THAT via remote.

At advance remote, we have developed highly advanced remote control software to provide the next tier of advanced services.

We Can:

  • remotely scrub your hard drive to obliterate your data
  • remotely rescue data from a failing hard drive
  • remotely perform a full system install
  • remotely clear forgotten passwords
  • remotely do a forensic level byte-by-byte copy of your hard drive
  • remotely diagnose difficult viruses that are keeping your computer from booting
  • remotely diagnose other hardware, and software problems

For each of our services, we help you use our advance remote connection kit to start a connect to our tech, then the tech goes to work. Since the technician works remotely, your costs are reasonable. Your computer stays with you, and, if you want, you can even watch us work.

Once the job it complete, you simply remove the connection kit (as instructed), and we are no longer connected to you.