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Advance Data Scrub

An Expert technician remotely connects to your computer to “scrub” or “wipe” the drive. Whether donating, recycling, or even just junking that old computer, it is important that all personal information is obliterated. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. If you used the computer, then it has some personal information on it. Until now you either had to use complicated disk wiping software yourself, or, send your sensitive information out for wiping.

At Advance Remote, we scrub your drive to Department of Defense (DOD 5520.22-M) recommendations. We use our advance remote software to connect and do the work. We can scrub whole hard drives, whole partitions, or just single files.

Our Remote Scrub service allows you to have the work done by an expert technician but without paying hourly fees. You invite us to connect, our technician connects, scrubs your drive, and disconnects. Your computer never leaves you, we never leave our office. You can watch us work.

A good scrubbing takes hours. It is simply not practical to pay someone to come out to you to scrub your drive. Since we do it remotely, we can charge per scrub, not per hour.